• The largest micronutrient
    database in the world.

    true+ combines the latest scientific insights about natural health with striking simplicity for its users. Our experts explored fundamental relationships between health disorders or diseases and micronutrients that prevent their development in advance or remedy them acutely.

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Micronutrient science in one app.

We're the latest in health app. Based on groundbreaking micronutrient research.

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    120+ Symptoms & Needs

    Define your personal health theme and chose the right need or symptom among our wide ranged selection.

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    90 Micronutrients

    We have scientifically broken down all of these micronutrients into their actual proven effects to the human body.

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    600+ Symptom-specific Micronutrient Effects

    But much more - subsequently, for the first time, we assigned each of these micronutrient effects to specific health symptoms.

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    24 Symptom & Need Categories

    To help you find your health topic, we arranged all types of health needs into 24 thematically organized categories.

  • So easy, so healthy

    Discover true+. Through its globally unique health evaluations, you‘ll quickly understand what these miraculous micronutrients are really all about and how amazingly simple healthy living can be.

    • 1. Submit your personal data
    • 2. Choose your symptoms
    • 3. Start your evaluation
    • 4. Receive your answers
    • Submit your personal data
    • Choose your symptoms
    • Start your evaluation
    • Receive your answers

"true+ is right and important. Because this app absolutely asks the right question and that is unique."

Dr. Stephan Barth

Dr. Stephan Barth

Medical & Life Scientist

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    Marc (29)

    Well, the app downloaded fast and opened easily. I assumed that I had to read lots of content first, but that wasn't the case. Quite cool. You have to give some personal data first, of course, then you can search for your special need. I just wanted to learn more about staying healthy and was pleased to find, that there were plenty of vitamin recommendations. I even already had some of them at home, but never knew before, what they‘re good for. And I'm also enjoying my iWatch much more now because I finally get feedback for my effort here, just like having my personal coach!

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    Kathleen (36)

    When I discovered that app, it first was a bit hard for me to determine, which need to fill in because I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which I then found under "muscle pain". Making an evaluation was easy afterwards. Nice to see that there is info about food which contains the recommended micronutrients, too. My doctor never told me any of this. Will give the app to my friends. Good for learning more about natural health by yourself!

From symptom to startup. Read the full story in the app.

Hi, I'm Jonathan, the founder of true+. I had a very personal motivation to invent a professional app with a comprehensive database of micronutrients to provide people with knowledge about healthy living!

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